Wingomia Guide Trilogy

The Street Rat's Guide to Spells and Royalty

The kingdom of Wingomia has known peace for hundreds of years. Once magicians were exiled and the provinces united under one ruling family, war became a foreign concept. Only the royal family still has any magic, and that is their biggest secret. That’s why Prince Jack is shocked when someone outside his family starts casting spells, intent on capturing him and the street rat beside him.

Even more shocking, the street rat is his missing twin brother. Ace, the street rat in question, disagrees with Jack's theory. Vehemently. He wants nothing to do with the royal family or magic or demons. But when an attempt to save themselves ends up with the two of them lost in the middle of nowhere, and Ace is getting sicker and sicker, he'll have no choice but to accept Jack's help to find their way home again.

With the presence of demons growing stronger and the cries of revolution getting louder, they don’t know if they can reach the palace in one piece.


The Prince's Guide to Brothers and Rituals

Ace has spent the last week being hunted by demons and revolutionists and learning that he’s Prince Jack’s long-lost brother. He’d like a few days to process his new reality, but Basil, the leader of the revolutionists, kidnaps his street friends. Unless Ace agrees to help Basil perform a blood spell to restore magic to the whole kingdom, he’ll kill the only people Ace ever called family.

Jack has been home for four seconds before he has to trot across the kingdom again. But this time, he’s not running from anyone in a desperate flight home. This time, he’s the one hunting his brother down before Ace destroys the kingdom. With his mother at his side, he’s confident nothing will stop them.

He’s just not as confident they can find Ace and Basil before they finish the spell.



The King's Guide to War and Family

With the King and Queen missing, it's up to Princes Jack and Ace to lead the kingdom through a war, the first war the kingdom has seen in centuries. New magicians are coming forward every day, thanks to the blood ritual Ace participated in, and even though the ritual was interrupted, the kingdom is seeing the effects of fresh magic.

Jack and Ace are finally together, but they disagree on how to handle things and fight each other as much as they fight Basil. They're in over their heads, but have no choice but to soldier on and hope for the best.