Epoch of Dragons

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Epoch of Dragons: Convergence

Dragons used to roam the skies with their dracontias, the special stone that gives each dragon incredible power. Some could spit fire or shoot lightning, others could shapeshift or manipulate the wind. It was a power unique to the dragons. 

But humans discovered how to harness these dracontias for themselves. For the first time, dragons and humans are equal. 

It shouldn't be a question who would win a war between dragons and humans. But dragons are dying left and right, and many of them are fleeing for their lives. 

How could humans possibly win against dragons? Well, it's a long story.   


This series was written for the Dragon Research Collaborative, an undergraduate research group looking into the origin of dragon myths around the world. You can check out their website here: Dragonrc.net


Epoch of Dragons: Brotherhood

The dragons have split up. Mushussu and Muirdris have taken baby Farahnez to the Unknown Lands for safety, but does such a thing exist? Even here, an ocean away from the Hunters, humans are capturing dragons. And the native dragons aren't always the friendliest. Everywhere they look, there's more danger waiting to strike, more humans using their own powers against them. Will they ever be able to find a place where the humans can't get them?




Epoch of Dragons: Catalyst

The human hunters are more persistent than ever. They've unlocked more dracontias and have deadly powers at their disposal. Tatsu, Kyo, Aeron, and Gonggong are recruiting everyone they can, but they're spread thin over the giant continent of Africa. Kyo finally reveals her draconic ability, and it will either save or doom them all. 


The outcome of this final battle will be the catalyst for the centuries to come.