A street rat has no business associating with the Crown Prince. Except Ace winds up lost in the middle of nowhere with Prince Jack when a mysterious doctor attempts to capture them with magic, and Ace's life will never be the same again.

Magic is real, demons are hunting them, the kingdom is screaming revolution and Ace just wants to go back to his simple life stealing apples with his friends. Except the crazy doctor kidnapped them, and if Ace wants to see them again, he has to help with a plan that might bring the kingdom to its knees.

If the doctor's plan doesn't, the war he's bringing to their doorstep certainly will.


Long ago, dragons roamed the Earth. Their powers were unchallenged, humans unable to compete with the limitless range of abilities dragons possessed. Fire breathing, stormbringers, shapeshifting...nothing could beat a dragon.

Except humans learned how to harness a dragon's power for themselves by stealing the source of a dragon's power, their dracontias.

Now, the humans are able to wield all the same powers. And the humans want more.

Bookworms and Runways

While trying to fulfill his dream of being a published author, Isaac works at a bookshop and tries to heal from the broken hart his ex left him with. 

Sean is a supermodel working for his famous father. After being saved from a mugger, Sean asks his freckled angel out on a date. Being caught by paparazzi, Sean's father forces his son to date Isaac for the publicity, in return for his freedom after the Autumn Fashion Show. 

Isaac struggles with the attention, and Sean's guilt at using him threatens to tear them apart.